In hospitals and clinics it’s importent to react on time. Therefore SYSCALL created innovative product, which will solve quick response and communication problems between personnel of hospital (doctor, nurse, etc.).


Product of SYSCALL is a wireless receiving and calling system, that will makes communication easier, just clicking on a button patient can call for nurse.


Solutions and benefits:

- Improve service quality;

- React on time;

- Coordinate work;

- Optimize administrative expenses and number of service personnel;

- Positive feedback





  • Communication Between  Patient and Nurse

    • Patients press the call button, room or bed number will be shown on nurses’ pager or the receiver monitor;
    • Nurse is also able to figure which patient need assist.

    Communication Between Nurse and Doctor

    • Nurse press the button to call doctor in emergency situation.
    • Signal will be shown on doctor’s pager.