Nowadays in Georgia the number of hyper and supermarkets increase very fast, according the fact increasing number of their customers.

They distinguish various types of new products, so lots of customers need to get an advice or assistance. But, it’s always hard to find or catch a consultant in lots of rows and sections, which creates visibility barriers. The result is unsatisfied costumers, and this decrease the number of clients and reduce profit itself.


To avoid this result SYSCALL has created a completely innovative and smart product, which improves the communication problem between costumer and personnel, as well between the staff.


Our aim is to improve your service quality, develop your business and increase your revenue and profit; it’s easy to achieve with Syscall product and service.


Solutions and benefits:

- Improve service speed and quality;

- Provide Staff effective and coordinate work;

- Optimize administrative expenses and number of service personnel;

- Positive feedback;

- Loyal customers;

- Increase customer flow and business profit.


  • Restaurant
  • Cafe


  • Communication between customer and staff

    • Customers press the call button, 
      the row number will be shown on  consultant pager or receiver monitor.
    • consultant is able to figure that
      where is the guest who needs help.
  • Communication between cashier and staff

    • Cashiers press the call button,
      the row number will be shown on consultant pager or receiver monitor.
    • consultant is able to figure that
      which cashier needs assistance.

    Communication between manager and staff

    • Manager/information desk calls to personnel by multi transmitter, when their assistance is nacessary;